My Carnivore Diet GROCERY HAUL – Eating CHEAP and HEALTHY!

One of my pet peeves that I get from the newbies in the carnivore kingdom is this reoccurring question: “What can I eat on the carnivore diet?”

Normally it wouldn’t bug me, but these darn kiddos on carnivore Facebook groups and on Twitter always ask this after their question has been answered. They usually then further prod with “You mean you can’t have ANY vegetables?”

YES. What part of “meat and water” do you not understand? What do you think the definition of “carnivore” is?

Because I am a true carnivore and lover of animal products, this post is intended for those who are first getting their feet wet in their research to the carnivore lifestyle. This is an average grocery haul for myself with this way of life. I consider myself frugal so I always GO FOR THE DEALS, KIDS!

YUMMY. $54 for about 7-8 days of eating. By the way my younglings, that is less than $10 a day for those of you who are intellectually impaired.

A family pack of chicken wings. 1.2 lbs of chuck eye steak. An 8 oz. New York Strip. A 14 oz. salmon fillet. 7.2 lbs of ground beef. 24 eggs. 20 links of sausage.

Some of y’allz might be asking how I got all this for only $54. Fortunately, I live in the region on Earth that is densely populated by various Hy-Vee stores, the finest grocer since the dawn of man. Those 1 lb. ground beef rolls were on sale for $1.78 / each. Talk about a loss leader!

I couldn’t resist those darling chuck eye steaks so I fried them in butter quick and ate them all in probably under two minutes.

The most cost effective meal I’ve found is a dozen eggs with a pound of ground beef. Enough caloric content for an entire day for under $3!

Nutritionally perfect food for cheap. While all of your friends are sucking down $8 kale smoothies, almond flour peanut butter cups, and cauliflower pizza. What a joke!

Mr. Cool Carnivore recommends eating actual food. Comparison shopping is where it’s at. Save money by searching for the dizzeals, folks.

Success! You’re on the list.


  1. Best thing I ever did (still do) for my body. Joints hurt less and I feel great. Husband too feels great. Fasting is excellent for the body, we have ordered an infrared sauna, all for a healthy old age… we are older than 70, never too late. I wish we had the information and know how years ago, health is what made us look into Carnivore… All to do with mindset. Best meals and tastes, ever. We do cheat with an onion and some garlic in the instant pot to stew meat or make bone broth, (about 8/9 carbs total for two people). Our grocery bills are much less than they used to be, and our butcher loves us because we buy good meat, and lots of it. Eggs and bacon or pancetta are our go to snacks. Pink salt goes on everything including water.
    We now live in the South of France, (ex-USA) and meat is expensive, but very good. Our butcher has got our number when we ask for the steaks to be cut, so, or fatty meat please…. Great fun..


  2. Lucky you being an area that has Hy-Vee. We were back visiting family in Iowa in early November and stopped in one of the local Hy-Vee stores in Dubuque. Man, I wish we had stores like that in southwest Virginia. The meat selection as Hy-Vee was awesome. I’ve been keto for 6 years and flipped carnivore back in March. Feeling fantastic. For Christmas Eve dinner, I have two standing prime rib roasts cooking Sous Vide. $6.99/lb. was an great find here. Chuck Eye steaks are very hard to come by here. My go to is ground chuck from Sam’s Club which is some of the best ground beef around IMHO. Another staple is chuck roast.


    • I have trouble finding chuck eye anywhere except for Hy-Vee! Awesome fat content and taste for the price. Glad to hear you’re thriving on the Carnivore Diet! Keep it up, Fred!


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