How to find your OPTIMAL Fat-To-Protein Ratio!

Here’s the deal, folks: macronutrients are SUPER important. Fat, protein, and carbs.

Just kidding. Let’s adjust that slightly. SOME macronutrients are super important. Of course, it all depends on what your body is metabolizing for fuel at that point in time. We all know that us here carnivores can definitely do without the carbohydrates.

But if we’re not eating carbs, what percentage of our calories should come from fat, and what fraction should come from protein? How are you supposed to know whether or not to buy fattier cuts of meat?

Does your activity level influence your need for more or less fat?

Folks in the carnivore community are fat-adapted. We love eating fat for our energy, and we all couldn’t believe we used to be those people who threw away fat trimmings from our steaks. I will forever regret every bit of fat I’ve ever thrown away. The amount of fat you will need to ingest is directly related to how much physical activity you do. If you are burning more calories than the average person, you’ll have to eat more fat than the average person. When I’m on a lazy streak, I have noticed how I require less fat, and actually crave it less than when I am more physically active.

So what happens when you are fat-adapted and you decide to up your protein intake? Any excess protein is converted into glucose, which is not your body’s preferred source of fuel when it has been converted into a fat-burning machine. I have noticed bouts of lethargy, fatigue, and a worsened mood when I do not get proper amounts of fat in my diet. Many other people on the keto diet report the same issues.

I have grown accustomed to letting my body tell me everything I need to do. After cutting out carbs, I feel as if my brain receives much more accurate signals from my body. Instead of craving ice cream and soda, when I haven’t had enough fat in my diet I start to crave bacon and eggs. Especially bacon. The fattier cuts of steak start to look more appealing.

A FUN way to find out your optimal fat-protein ratio!

Want to know a delicious food you can get at the grocery store, in enough different variations to allow you to find your perfect fat content?

If you want to find out exactly how much fat your body requires, experiment with some yummy GROUND BEEF! You can buy it with different fat content. 70/30, 80/20, 85/15, whatever your little heart desires!

I recommend eating enough ground beef until you’re full, and then experiment to see which one will give you the most energy and will have you feeling the best throughout the day. Go for one meal a day and eat 2-3 pounds of each one. Don’t eat anything else and don’t drink coffee. Don’t allow stimulants to mess with your body’s baseline energy level. This experiment will allow you to fine-tune your macros with maximum efficiency.

In addition to ground beef, remember to eat your eggs! Body builder Vince Gironda once said that eating a bunch of eggs had an equivalent effect to that of the steroid Dianabol! Eggs have about 65% of their calories from fat, and they are a great supplement to your ground beef if you need to even out your body’s preferred macro ratio.

Remember, carbs as a necessity = FAKE NEWS

If you go to other resources to find out what your macronutrient ratio should be, you will be overridden with misinformation. For example, the Food and Nutrition Board, a sub-group of the Institute of Medicine, recommends that most of the calories in your diet should come from carbs.

For the best dietary advice, you should obviously listen to YOURSELF. Find out what your body is telling you, and react accordingly!

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