ZERO CARB ZEN – How To Achieve Inner-Peace

Zen, the target state of those who meditate, is commonly sought after by those who wish to feel relaxed and peaceful. The Cambridge dictionary calls it “relaxed and not worrying about things you cannot change”.

Zen is also a movement within the religion of Buddhism, which was introduced in China in the 6th century and Japan in the 12th century. It is noted for emphasizing rigorous self-control, meditation, insight into the nature of things, and personal expression of this insight for the benefit of others. The teachings of Zen are spread by spiritual practice with an accomplished teacher.

Picture yourself sitting in an open, grassy field on a warm Summer day. A slight breeze blows by as you calmly breathe in and out. Over time, as your breathing becomes smoother and deeper, you find yourself with total peace of mind, accepting the state of being with no reservations. You feel almost transcendent.

Sounds awesome, right? Meditation is a great practice for a happy life, but what if I told you that you can accomplish this feeling by eating an all-meat diet? You’d probably call me crazy, but it’s absolutely true.

Carnivore Zen

I embarked on a journey about ten months ago; a lifetime of eating a carnivorous diet. One of the many reasons I choose this lifestyle is because of the feeling of content I achieve on a regular basis. I will never forget the first time I entered the state of Zero-Carb Zen.

I was about two weeks into the carnivore diet and my adaptation was going very smoothly. This in my opinion is the sweet spot phase, as you are over the initial hump of kicking carbs and the changes in the way you feel are drastic and extremely noticeable. I had spent all day in the sun and returned home, ready to eat my meal for the day.

I prepared my usual budget meal of ground beef. Two pounds of salted ground beef in a bowl. That’s it. I consumed my meal expediently and laid down, watching the sunset over the horizon. I was completely relaxed.

What happened next is something that I have told some people and most of them just look at me like I am totally insane. Maybe I am, but I know what I felt and it was absolutely ecstatic.

An entire sense of well-being utterly consumed me; and I felt more grounded, even-keeled, and clear-headed than I ever have before. I literally felt waves of pleasure rippling through my entire body. I felt like I was being physically and spiritually healed by the hand of God.

It sounds completely ridiculous, I know. But it happened. The experience lasted around 30 minutes before I drifted off to sleep. It was mystifying. When I woke up the next day, I wanted to peruse every Internet carnivore forum I knew to see if anyone else had gone through the same ordeal. It was an intoxicating sense of relief, and I needed more.

It turns out that this is a commonly experienced state of mind by those on the carnivore diet, and I wasn’t the only one.

There is something inherent to our human nature about that satisfaction of eating meat. Perhaps we are tapping into a deep, primal satisfaction when we consume animal flesh after a long day of physical activity. I’m not sure what the exact explanation is for why meat makes us feel this way, but I think this may have something to do with it. Knowing that our body and mind are well-nourished can only have terrific benefits, and zero-carb zen is just one of them.

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