You Don’t NEED Fiber – Here’s Why!


Anyone who at least has a little bit of common sense knows that the authority figures on “proper diet” have indoctrinated the public with lie after lie about health and nutrition. So many of us have grown up eating a diet that was making us sick and fat, and that is all because the federal government either intentionally misled us or they did so out of incompetence. Don’t get me wrong, the government isn’t solely to blame. Large-scale corporations such as the ones involved in the giant sugar industry are also known for spreading misinformation in order to benefit their financial interests.

Here is a quick list of what the government/corporations have been WRONG about.

  • Fruits being healthy
  • Vegetables being healthy
  • Carbohydrates being healthy
  • Seed Oils being healthy
  • Breakfast being the most important meal of the day
  • Grains being healthy
  • Rice being healthy
  • Bread being healthy
  • Pasta being healthy
  • Cereal being healthy
  • Low-fat products being healthy
  • Diet Soda being “fine”
  • BMI being an accurate measurement of physical health
  • Cholesterol being unhealthy
  • Red meat being unhealthy
  • Saturated Fats being unhealthy
  • Trans Fats being unhealthy
  • Fiber being “essential”
  • Vitamin C being “essential”

We could probably make this list go on forever, but we have a good start for now. We’re only going to focus on one of these topics today, but the point remains! Everything we’ve heard about nutrition from folks who were supposed to know what they’re talking about has been shown to be completely wrong!

I very sparingly tell people that I am on a carnivorous diet. I don’t like having to immediately justify what I eat to that person, regardless of if they are a vegan or some gelatinous mound of lard gorging himself with freshly fried donuts. I always get some ridiculously ignorant comment from an unhealthy person trying to give me advice regarding nutrition.

“All you eat is meat? That’s extremely dangerous! You’re not getting any fiber!”

This is one of my favorite ones. Fiber. What are the foods highest in dietary fiber? All the ones who will give you cancer and digestive ailments.


For those who aren’t up to speed, check out my articles on oxalates and lectins. These two articles are summaries of the scientific findings regarding these antinutrients found in fruits and vegetables. Lots of scary stuff!

But yes, fiber. The good ‘ole, ESSENTIAL, FIBER. You’re telling me that in these Crohn’s disease-causing veggies there is something essential? Alright, well what exactly is it?


Dietary fiber is essentially the part of plant foods that can not be digested or absorbed by your body. After ingestion, it passes through your intestines and your colon and you shit it out. (I know what you’re thinking. If it’s essential, why does the body do nothing with it?”

There are two kinds of fiber. Soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber can dissolve in water, so it’s used in many over-the-counter laxatives. If you do some Googling, the so-called “benefits” of soluble fiber are these:

  • Soluble fiber binds with LDL (bad) cholesterol so less of it enters our bloodstream)

Remember, there is no such thing as bad cholesterol. This is literally quite the opposite of a benefit. Especially when you are fat-adapted, cholesterol serves the important task of transporting fatty acids around your body to use as energy.

  • When soluble fiber is ingested, it forms a “gel-like” substance when encountered by water. This substance may slow the absorption of sugar into the blood, which potentially avoids blood sugar spiking.

What if we don’t eat anything sugary? This benefit is useless to those who eat a healthy diet.

  • The gel from soluble fiber will make you feel more full and have you eat less.

What if our body is requiring certain nutritional nourishment but we stop eating what could be good food because we have this “gel” in our intestines that don’t have any nutrients?!?!?!

How are these benefits at all ESSENTIAL?!

When it comes to insoluble fiber, these are the so-called “benefits”:

  • The insoluble fiber you ingest will help push along the contents of your intestines, while scraping the sides of them to ensure the removal of any potential toxins.

I’ll have you fellas know that insoluble fiber is referred to as “roughage” and it is what gives tree bark that very woody texture. These people are saying we should eat this, even though it has zero nutritional value because it will scrape away the bad stuff from our insides?

What if we don’t eat any toxins? I struggle to see a purpose for eating this garbage. Especially when it comes with oxalates that will wreak havoc on your body.


We’re here to abrasively grind the sides of your intestinal walls. And that’s it! We’re essential!

It turns out that fiber is actually a lot less neutral than we thought it may be! Ever wonder how you get gas? You get gas from undigested carbohydrate fibers. They remain undigested, and as they enter the colon, the bacteria that reside there SWARM the carb fibers and FERMENT them. Gases are a result of this fermentation process, so by the end of the fiber’s trip through your colon, you’re filled with methane like the fat cow you are.

Being bloated and cramped is not essential. You should ask yourself whether or not digestion should hurt. I will tell you that in the last nine months of eating a zero-carb, animal-fat based diet, I have had close to ZERO gas or discomfort because my food is efficiently digested without issue.

Hell, even the World Journal of Gastroenterology woke up and admitted that decreasing fiber intake relieves digestion issues. It seems like the current consensus on fiber was formed by scientists who saw that we were eating it, and attributed it false benefits so we wouldn’t question its uselessness.

I would like to challenge anyone to cite a scientific source that supports the idea that fiber is essential to those who are already on a healthy, low-carb diet.

In fact, many studies have supported the idea that fiber is very harmful to gut health. The majority of scientific studies that give credit for great side effects of fiber intake are actually coming from epidemiological studies that link the consumption of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables with a lowered risk of certain diseases like cancer, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.

You need to look for the lab studies that show that adding fiber supplements to those with consistent diets do not show any of these protective effects. More support for the claim that fiber is completely useless.




So yeah, maybe if you ate a bunch of Twinkies for lunch and had some added fiber, that fiber will make your blood sugar spike slightly less. That does not mean “essential” or anything close to it.

Fiber has no proper uses for healthy individuals. It is not required for life or health. Everything you hear otherwise is FAKE NEWS.

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