The Greatest Way to Cook a Steak – The Reverse-Sear

Steak, the greatest food in the known universe, is near-optimal fuel for the human body. The cut of ribeye is my favorite. It has just the right fat-to-protein ratio that always leaves me feeling like I can conquer the world.

It has this effect on people worldwide, which leads to incredibly high demand, which leads to a high price. With my current financial goals, I can’t afford to eat ribeye every day. It is a delicacy that should only be reserved for the most special of occasions.

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The Cool Carnivore has time and time again experimented with all the different ways to cook a steak. I have tried every method countless times, always changing the smallest of variables in order for my steak to reach “Legendary” status. I have grilled, pan-fried, broiled, sous vide, you name it!

When I am cooking my steak, I am looking for PRECISION with my method. Everyone knows that overcooking an expensive ribeye is like taking a shit in a brand new Ferrari. Because of this reason, grilling, pan-frying, and broiling are OUT. I want to know EXACTLY what temperature the center of my steak is going to be every time. And this is because my tastes vary from day to day. Sometimes I will want a medium, and maybe the next day I’ll want a rare. It all depends on what I am craving at that particular moment in time.

I can already hear the sous vide advocates: “But sous vide is the most accurate cooking procedure of all-time!”

You would be absolutely correct! Except that when you heat plastic at a high temperature your plastic will leach chemicals into your steak. It turns out that the sous vide method is TOXIC. Uh-oh!

We need the best of both worlds, here. I want consistent PRECISION, and I want a brown crust on the outside of my steak every time. We need a cross between broiling, pan-searing, and sous vide! Some genius out there thought up the REVERSE-SEAR, and the rest is history. It’s time to party!


Crafting a Meat-Induced Orgasm

These are the two beautiful cowboy ribeyes that were calling my name when I walked past the meat counter at the grocery store today. I couldn’t resist. (Pro tip: Look in the service meat case for steaks that are starting to brown and ask the clerk if you can get them for half-price! They almost always say yes and the steaks are still perfectly healthy to eat; the browning is just a result of the process of oxidation.)

What I will be consuming.
Dat protein. Dat Iron. Dat FAT.

Now for whatever reason, there are lots of blog posts out there about the reverse-sear method that say this method does not work with steaks cut less than an inch and a half thick. I have no idea why everyone is saying this because it is totally fake news. You are just going to have to put them in the oven for a shorter amount of time. How much time? Let’s find out!

I have created this chart to show you the ranges of times you will need to aim for to get your desired steak doneness level.

Reverse-Searing Chart for 1-Inch Steaks

There you have it. Now remember, this is a guideline for when you have your oven at 275 degrees. Reverse-searing at lower temperatures is an option, but you’ll obviously have to leave the steak in for longer.

You might be asking how we’re going to get near to the level of accuracy as a sous vide cooks. The answer to that is this: a handy-dandy meat thermometer! I am only giving you the approximate times you need to cook your steak, but if you like to be precise like me, grab a meat thermometer and be on standby.

It’s time to set your steaks out and get them to room temperature! This will ensure the steaks will be evenly cooked throughout! While you’re waiting, go ahead and preheat your oven to 275 degrees.

The Rub

Salt and pepper. Let’s not be fancy. Too poor for that shit.

Once you have a few warm slabs of meat that are rubbed with whatever your little heart desires, place them on a cooking sheet. I recommend using parchment paper for less cleanup.

Hot. Diggity. CHRIST.
Boy, am I excited!

Next stop obviously is to throw them in the oven and attempt to wait patiently. In the last few minutes you have before you need to take them out, melt some butter in a pan and get it HOT as FUCK. You’ll need a good sear to get DAT CRUST.

I wanted my steaks at a yummy medium so I got them out right at twenty minutes. I temped them at 126. This is what they’ll look like.

If you don’t faint from the incredible aroma these will give off, throw them in your BLAZING HOT pan for 45 seconds per side.

After 180 seconds of pan-searing, my two one-pound steaks were done and ready to be eaten. I was famished after a long day at work, and now I am refueled for the next 24 hours until my next meal!

Gone in about two minutes.

The reverse-sear method is by far the best. You will have the BEST steak of your life, every time you eat steak!

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