ULTIMATE BONE BROTH – Instant Pot Recipe!

Homemade bone broth is the BEE’S KNEES, kids! It is delicious AND nutritious! There’s nothing like sipping on some warm liquid, infused with brewed bones and connective tissue! Bone broth is the carnivore’s hot cocoa. It’s super satiating and filled with nutrients to make you POWER through your day!

As all cool carnivores do, I have my own bone broth recipe. Mine is different than the others though, because my recipe is the ULTIMATE bone broth recipe. How is it the ultimate bone broth recipe? Not only does it taste better, it is ultra-simple! In fact, I don’t think there is an easier recipe to follow! Let’s get started!


You will need bones. Obviously. So get yourself some bones. Preferably from a cow and not from a human.

These are my bones I got from an international food market. I will be doing another article on the bonuses of visiting international food stores, because they are absolutely incredible. They offered every animal product imaginable, from camel fat to pork uterus. Seriously.

Anyway, the next step is to plug in your Instant Pot so it can use electricity to melt your bones.

Beautiful. Now that it’s plugged in, we’ll need to toss the bones in the pot.

First I’m gonna lay the big one down so I can actually fit everything in there. I like my broth extra BONY. LOL.

Then I’m gonna add in the smaller bits of bone.

Then I’m going to add in the other big bone.

Next step is to fill the pot with water! You’ll probably want to fill it two inches to the top.

Kosher salt and black pepper, folks! This is a MUST! You can always season to taste after it’s done cooking as well.

Put the top on and make sure the lid is SEALED.

You are then going to press the pressure cook button, select high-pressure, and let it cook for 2 hours. Yes, there is an option for soup/both. You can try it if you’d like, but my broth turns out phenomenal every time I press the pressure cook button so I have no reason to try it 🙂

You now have two hours to kill. You could be like me and grill some bomb pork chops in the meantime.

Feel free to salivate.

Anyway, after two hours, turn the pressure gauge to RELEASE! It’s almost time to #PARTY!

Hot. Diggity. Dog. The smell will almost knock you unconscious. So good. Get to removin’ them bones, kids!

This recipe yields BONUS TOYS for your dog!

Obviously eat all the cooked beef on the bone. It’s good for ya!

Bottle it up and store it in the fridge! Allow PLENTY of time for cooling before you drink this. It has been pressure cooking for two hours and it’s probably 700 degrees. I waited ten minutes and my tongue still learned this the hard way.

Enjoy your tasty bone broth! Lots of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous!

That’s it, folks! I hope you enjoyed my recipe for ULTIMATE INSTANT POT BONE BROTH! Tweet me @AdamLivingston_ and let me know how yours turns out!

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