DANGER – Eating Sugar Gives You ALZHEIMER’S

Fun fact: The number of donuts you eat is directly correlated with the number of imaginary friends you have when you’re elderly.

Sugar – a destructive, noxious commodity that has caused more harm to society than crystal meth, heroin, and cocaine – COMBINED. Millions of diseased, Jabba-esque Americans fall victim to its evil clutches on a daily basis. Misinformation propagated by the sugar industry has infected our way of living with a health crisis unlike ever seen in human history. The social cost of this epidemic is staggering – the total healthcare cost for obesity-related ailments in the USA is an astounding $210 billion per year.

Huttese-Americans are shoving sugary snacks down their gullets at record pace, and the consequences are quite literally worse than death. Remember, we ALL have to suffer the ramifications of the choices of others. Because so many illnesses are associated with high sugar intake, sugar is directly causing a negative economic repercussion to countless US households.

One of these illnesses, Alzheimer’s Disease, is perhaps the most frightening AND the most heartbreaking to the people who have to witness it strike a loved one. Remember good ‘ole Ronnie Reagan?

Look at that smile! Who could ever forget GOOD ‘OLE RON? Except for himself, of course!

Calm down, kids. It’s just a joke. Alzheimer’s is extremely serious and I deeply care about those affected by it. In fact, I care so much that I am going to spread the truth about HOW NOT TO GET IT. The cause for Alzheimer’s Disease is clear, and it has not been let known to the masses. Ask the average person on the street: “How can you prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?”

The answer you’ll likely receive is one that makes Alzheimer’s out to be the result some diabolical outcome of Satan’s lottery. Fortunately, Alzheimer’s is VERY preventable, and with the information contained in this article, you will reach your sunset years without being a tremendous burden on your family. Score!

It doesn’t take a genius to know that high sugar, high carbohydrate diets lead to bodily decline. However, once an individual delves into the existing scientific literature, this individual will discover that high sugar diets also lead to COGNITIVE DECLINE.

We’re not just talking general forgetfulness and brain fog, folks. The research is clear: the higher the blood sugar, the faster the decline into dementia. Once you get to that level of brain function, your quality of life falls off a cliff, and there is NO CURE.

Check out this study in the journal Diabetologia. It followed 5,189 people over the course of ten years and found that people with high blood sugar had a faster rate of cognitive decline than those with normal blood sugar. The interesting part is that this is whether or not their high blood sugar classified them as diabetic!

Speaking of diabetes, we need to remember some pertinent info! The type 2 version of diabetes is the one that is acquired by individuals due to their poor diet choices. You know, the one that millions of Americans are at high risk for. By eating copious amounts of sweets, people are raising their blood glucose level to the point where their pancreas can’t produce enough insulin to regulate the metabolizing of their glucose.

Remember: High-carb diet = higher chance of diabetes. Now, do people with diabetes have a higher chance of getting Alzheimer’s?

You bet! Having diabetes DOUBLES the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease. The study, which involved over 1000 people, also found that having diabetes raises the risk of getting any kind of dementia by x 1.75. Scary!

So how does sugar even affect the brain? Remember that the brain’s preferred source of fuel is glucose. Could it be that overly-stimulating the brain with excess glucose metabolism could cause it to malfunction? The research supports this idea!

By measuring levels of glucose in different brain regions, researchers at NIA’s Laboratory of Behavioral Neuroscience found out some fascinating things about the process of glycolysis. Distinct abnormalities in glycolysis, the process by which the brain breaks down glucose, correlated to more severe plaques and tangles found in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease. Not only that, but severe reductions in the brain’s ability to break down glucose were associated with many symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, such as problems with memory.

So the method of avoiding Alzheimer’s is simple: STOP. EATING. CARBS. As if you didn’t have enough reasons to avoid carbs altogether, this information should change your life!

It is a FACT that carbs severely inhibit brain function. A 2012 study broke down the diet habits of 1000 participants and found that the group with the highest level of carbohydrate consumption had an 80% higher chance of developing mild cognitive impairment. The group with the lowest level of carbohydrate consumption was the group with the lowest chance at developing issues with cognition. Insulin resistance is causing the brain to be unable to break down the protein “amyloid”. This is causing the formation of brain plaques that will lead to your cognitive downfall!


If you can’t break down amyloid, you’re basically screwed. Some research came out two years ago that showed that if you were obese, a smoker, had elevated cholesterol levels, high blood pressure or diabetes, you had higher amyloid levels in your brain. Possessing only one of those risk factors increased the likelihood of higher amyloid levels by 88 percent! Two or more risk factors nearly tripled the likelihood of elevated amyloid.

This all can’t be a coincidence. We are poisoning our brains with excess carbs, and paying for it later in life. Is forgetting your wife or husband’s name really worth that extra slice of cake? Maybe if you don’t change your ways and end up with Alzheimer’s, you could treat yourself with diabetes drugs, which have been shown to help the symptoms of Alzheimer’s!

In the study, mice engineered to have the symptoms and brain pathology of Alzheimer’s who were injected daily for two months showed less inflammation, less plaques and improved neuron growth when compared to the control group. Various studies have shown the these drugs used to treat diabetes have had a protective neurological effect.

All this information terrifies me, but it makes me feel safe that I have completely kicked carbs from my diet. I feel much better knowing that the only glucose my brain gets is what my body produces via gluconeogenesis. I don’t eat any dietary carbs because I don’t want to give my brain more fuel than it can handle.

What can you do to prevent Alzheimer’s? An easy step would be to adopt a ketogenic, high-fat, low-carb diet. In my humble opinion, a zero-carb, animal fat based diet is optimal for human nutrition. If you want to live a long life free of any mental health ailments or dementia, start here: Top 5 Tips for Carnivore Diet Beginners!

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