7 GREAT Reasons To Start The Carnivore Diet TODAY!

Ever since the popularization of the carnivore diet via Jordan B. Peterson and Dr. Shawn Baker appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, there has been a monumental explosion in the number of positive testimonies regarding the diet’s effects. A quick Google search will lead you to hundreds of stories from people who have claimed that the carnivore diet cured their obesity, healed their autoimmune disease symptoms, and helped manage their diabetes.

MeatHeals.com is a tremendous resource of these personal anecdotes. This carnivory thing truly seemed like a miracle diet; it sounded way too good to be true. People curing their arthritis AND multiple sclerosis?

All of these among a whole host of other positive effects lead me to give this diet a try. The carnivore diet changed my life since beginning it in August of last year, and I feel like it’s a necessity to preach the goodness that it can do for people. If you’re already convinced to give it a shot, here’s the 5 Best Tips for Carnivore Diet Beginners. If not, here are 7 reasons why you should start the carnivore diet TODAY.


“Brain fog” is feeling confused or disorganized, characterized by bouts of forgetfulness, irritability, and reduced concentration. While eating the terrible Standard American Diet (SAD), I had horrible brain fog. I was so forgetful that I honestly thought that I should go see a specialized doctor regarding my brain function. I would walk into a different room and wonder why the hell I went in there, probably five times a day. I always forgot where I put my car keys and they would end up completely lost. At the age of 21, my girlfriend bought me a battery-powered key finder. That is something that senior citizens use. My memory was starting to become a serious problem in my life and I was in my early twenties.

This thing is still sitting on my desk LOL. Haven’t used it in about a year.

After becoming a carnivore, my memory came back almost immediately. Not only that, but my ability to concentrate was through the roof. Prior to this, I hadn’t sat down and read a complete book in a couple of years, but now I was plowing through the library on my Kindle like I was a 4-year-old reading the adventures of Curious George. When I read Early Retirement Extreme by Jacob Lund Fisker in one sitting, I knew there was something different about the way my brain was operating.

My ability to retain information was off the charts, and I was more focused than ever at work. My job performance skyrocketed and I was promoted within three months. Having such a clear mind is incredibly valuable; it will have a cascading effect on your life and will improve it in many ways!


Inflammation is your body’s natural immune response to wounds, infections, and diseases. A bit of inflammation can be a good thing, as sometimes damage to bodily tissue can be healed without an inflammatory response. What you need to be worried about is chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation caused by a poor diet has severe long-term effects.

Many of our natural healing processes are dangerous when they get out of control. This one is no different. Constantly being in a state of high inflammation means your body never gets a break, and this can shave years off your life.

Inflammation in your body is a prime candidate to determine your mortality, capability and cognition up to extreme old age. This study found that chronic inflammation is positively associated with a higher risk of death and loss of cognitive function.

Ever wonder why people on low carb diets report the simple effect of just feeling so much better? That’s because their bodies aren’t in a constant state of repair from all the damage carbohydrates are doing to their bodies.

Between /r/ZeroCarb and MeatHeals.com, there are hundreds of reports of people’s back and joint pain disappearing due to lowered inflammation. Allow yourself to heal with an all-meat diet and you’ll start to feel more energetic and healthy.


Before carnivore, I damn well near lived off Chinese food. Orange chicken, General’s chicken, fried rice, Hunan pork, egg rolls, crab rangoons. That was my SHIT. There was a six month period of my life where I had Chinese every day for lunch.

I was ingesting thousands of grams of carbs. The portions weren’t even that crazy, but every time after eating I felt FAT as FUCK and I wanted to immediately take a nap. That process was completely commonplace to me, and I thought it was worth it because the food was so tasty.

Wrong! That is definitely NOT the effect that food should have on you. Once I started keto and intermittent fasting it became apparent: the productivity level from my coworkers fell off a cliff at around noon because they were bloated and exhausted from their carb-heavy lunches. Having a constant level of energy throughout my work day was amazing, and I was always hearing “I need a nap now”.

Eating my staple foods of ground beef and eggs leaves me with zero bloat.


Perspective is an interesting thing. Eating the SAD had me thinking I was at normal body weight. After transitioning to keto I lost 25 pounds in 2 months. Turns out, I had a bit of extra chub. I learned that HIGH-FAT is WHERE’S IT’S AT!

Why? Because the high-fat content in the food you are eating satiates you longer; way longer than the carb-ridden trash you’re eating now! Fat has more than twice as many calories per gram as carbohydrates and proteins.  Your meals will keep you full, and as a result, you’ll eat less.

Maybe you’ll even feel the need to skip meals, which will inadvertently lead you to begin intermittent fasting, which has a whole host of positive benefits.

Eating a carnivore diet with zero carbohydrates turns you into a fat-burning beast. No more counting calories and macros, simply eat until you are full, then stop! If you are extremely obese, your weight is going to melt off of you. Another benefit of being less hungry leads us to…


Being able to live your life without planning your schedule around three meals a day is INVALUABLE. More time will open up for you than you realize. I have friends who eat the SAD and still cook/prepare three meals a day for themselves. A conservative estimate of 30 minutes to prepare and eat their meals means that they’re spending 10.5 hours per week just cooking and eating. That doesn’t count their need to endlessly snack on garbage because their meals don’t even keep them full in the first place.

Carnivory leads many to either two meals a day or the coveted one meal a day (OMAD). I am a proponent of the OMAD lifestyle myself. I don’t often feel hungry and sometimes have to remind myself to eat.

Eating a limited number of foods may seem boring, but it’s actually awesome. Grocery shopping will take you one-sixth of the time. Eggs, beef, pork, chicken, DONE.

The simplicity of this diet will free up more of your time, free up more money in your bank account, and allow you to start pursuing your passions. I personally have so much more time to spend with my fiance, as well as time to run this blog! I am very thankful to have meat as a constant in my life; to have one time of day in which I refuel, and then I can focus on whatever I want to for the remainder of my time.


Watch this video because it’s an incredible story. Jordan Peterson’s personal story about how he struggled with autoimmune disease his entire life and cured it with a carnivore diet:

His daughter, Mikhaila Peterson, experienced a very similar healing process. She blogs about how the carnivore diet has given her a life worth living on her blog, Don’t Eat That!

These are not just two isolated incidents. There have been tons of reports of Crohn’s disease being cured, IBS being cured, and more!

Whatever ailment you have, someone has probably either cured or alleviated it with carnivory! You will probably have less of a chance of getting cancer as well, as you will be completely avoiding toxic OXALATES that found in vegetables!


This is another benefit of the carnivore diet that informs all aspects of your life. People still struggle to understand how important sleep actually is. Your nightly 8 hours is extremely critical to your overall health and happiness.

The past version of my self didn’t really understand what good sleep was. I thought that waking up multiple times during my slumbers was completely normal. After I started carnivore, the term “well-rested” took on a different meaning.

Waking up in the morning, for me, used to be a long and arduous process. I felt like a goddamned zombie for the first two hours of the day. It took forever to get me going. I didn’t feel like I could function until I drugged myself with a psychoactive chemical (caffeine). It also used to take forever for me to fall asleep. It turns out that perhaps beef is better natural sleep aid than capsuled melatonin.

Now, without exaggeration, I wake up in the morning and I am INSTANTLY alert. My mornings now are accompanied by zero grogginess or lack of energy. I wake up and right off the bat I am motivated and ready to conquer the day. I sleep like a baby every night, and this pays tremendous dividends. Every day I am more social, more productive, more upbeat, more sharp, and generally happier.


Folks, these are just a few of the reasons why you should immediately begin the carnivore lifestyle. If you have decided to make the change to revolutionize your life, remember to check out the Best 5 Tips for Carnivore Diet Beginners to make your first 30 days of adaptation a breeze.

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  1. I’m glad you like your diet but don’t you think people make similar arguments about choosing vegan diets, or other major diet changes? It might just be that people have different needs and it’s important to eat what is right for you, not mindlessly accepting the standard diet without considering other options.


    • The arguments that misinformed vegans make are often illogical. The phrase “what is right for you” doesn’t get us anywhere unless we determine what “right” even means.


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