5 Best Tips for Carnivore Diet Beginners!

Are you finally ready to live a life of HEALTH, HAPPINESS, and PLEASURE? If you are, then it is time to endure a lifestyle that will forever change the way you feel and think! It is time to become what you have always meant to be: a meat-eating CARNIVORE.

Because of the indoctrination you have likely received at the hands of public education, the USDA, and your uninformed parents and guardians, you probably had trouble getting to this point. I’m sure your initial reaction to the idea of an all-meat diet was either one of disgust or apprehension. The only way to know for sure what it’s actually like is to try it! Mark your calendars, because for 30 days you are going to eat NOTHING but meat! 30 days is ample time for your body to adjust to this new way of living, so think of it as a healing process.


Your body will be making a fundamental change of how it fuels itself. Even if you are coming from keto, you will still likely experience a radical paradigm shift in how you feel on a daily basis. You are going from eating many carbohydrates to eating ZERO carbohydrates. Ketosis is a natural side effect of the carnivore diet. Therefore, your liver will be producing ketone bodies to fuel yourself. Due to the lack of dietary carbohydrates, you are going to become a fat-burning machine. The way you are going to get yourself through these first 30 days is to satiate yourself. Since you will be burning fat, you will need to fuel yourself with fat.

Go for the fattier cuts of meat. If you want to immediately go for the steak route, you’re going to want to go for the ribeyes, the New York Strips, the T-Bones, and the Porterhouses. Don’t be afraid of the fat because soon you’ll be craving it.

Other options I recommend are 73/27 ground beef (or at least 80/20, but I wouldn’t go for a fat percentage under that), eggs, bacon, pork belly, and pork shoulder. Chicken isn’t very fatty, but if you have a hankering, get some thighs. Thigh is the fattiest cut of chicken, and plus thigh meat tastes absolutely terrific. Especially if you season it right. Which brings us to…


So us carnivores aren’t completely insane. We do allow spices and seasonings for the most part. However, beware of added sugars to spice rubs and blends! Often times manufacturers will sneak that shit in there and ruin your beautiful state of ketosis. Always check for the 0g under total carbs on the nutrition facts label.

If you feel like the constant repetition of this diet is too much, don’t worry. That’s okay! Spices and seasonings are a way to shake up the monotony you’ll face on this diet. You’ll eventually get used to it and you’ll begin to enjoy the simplicity of this way of eating. But for now, break out the salt and pepper if you feel like it!

Cayenne pepper is my favorite and I use it on my chicken wings and ground beef from time to time. Garlic salt is great for ground beef and steak, too!

Going overboard on how much you salt your food can lead to retaining excess water weight from your increased sodium intake. You don’t want to feel like a bloated glob of lard, so don’t go too crazy. Sodium is very important and because of this you should always…


I am a full believer in that humans get all the nutritional content they need from meat. However, starting the carnivore diet after coming from a poisonous diet of carbs and seed oils will most certainly kick your ass in the first week or so. Other first timers report bouts of lethargy and fatigue. If you have transitioned from the standard American diet to keto in the past, you’ll remember what a transition phase is like.

If you’re struggling a few days in, don’t immediately give in to the voices in your head. Your inner bitch will come back with a scorching vengeance:

“This diet just isn’t for me.”

“I NEED that candy bar or I’m gonna pass out.”

“If I don’t eat this entire gallon of ice cream like a fat fuck, I’m going to die.”

Conquer the voices in your head, because those voices are coming from the dying, inferior version of your past self. Resist the temptation! Electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium will really help you feel full of energy. Don’t be afraid to take high amounts; the toxic dosages of these supplements are much higher than the daily value on the bottle.

Take magnesium if you feel like your muscles are sore or cramping. Stay on the meat train, because it only gets better from here.


Many people come to the zero carb lifestyle for weight loss. Because they still hold onto their ridiculous habits from their lesser, past diets, they will still want to track everything they eat and enter all their macro info into their MyFitnessPal.

Don’t even bother! Seriously. You must allow the meat to heal yourself, and the only way to do this is by “listening” to your body. Eat until you are full, then stop. That is it. The high fat content in your new diet will keep you satiated for longer, and before you know it you might find yourself cutting out one or even two meals per day. I have been eating one meal a day for over a year now because of this.

If you are too fat, your weight loss will come with time. Likely, it will come quickly so don’t get too impatient. By eating until satiety whenever your body tells you that you are hungry, your body will return to its natural, baseline weight. One of the most underappreciated aspects of the carnivore diet is that it is the PERFECT diet for maintaining a healthy body weight.

When it comes to macronutrients, remember that you are eating only MEAT, so you’ll never have a lack of PROTEIN. You will be getting plenty, and it is very hard to have too much protein. Your body uses it to build and repair tissues.  You also use protein to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals. It is one of the most essential building blocks in your body, and the meat you’re eating will help keep your essentials in check.


A funny thing happened to me when I started this diet. I was (or so I thought) very particular with my finances so I was checking my monthly spending report a few months after I became a carnivore in August.

After looking at this I was half convinced I was being scammed by the meat industry.

I became a carnivore and nearly DOUBLED my grocery budget within the span of two months. Not good! I was treating myself to the highest quality meat I could find. Hmm, these three ribeye steaks look good for supper tonight. Only $45? SOLD! I was spending as much as I would if I was going out to restaurants every night, AND paying for my significant other to eat as well.

Something had to change. That big of a hit on my monthly cash flow would add years onto my working life before I could retire. I said enough was enough and made a rule for myself:

ONLY buy meat on SALE.

Last April I spent a total of $252.97 on groceries for myself. That’s only $8.43 a day! How’d I do it? Eggs on sale, ground beef on sale, chicken on sale. I bought the cheaper cuts of steak on sale as well from time to time.

This type of lifestyle CAN be done by the most frugal folks! The myth that this diet is “unaffordable” is BUSTED.

This tip is #5 because those who are concerned about the financial aspect of carnivory shouldn’t be deterred sometime in their first 30 days because they see too low of a balance in their checking account. Treat yourself, but be smart about it!

That sums up the 5 Best Tips for Carnivore Diet Beginners! There’s no going back now! Going back to eating carbs and vegetables (which cause cancer and Crohn’s disease) will lead to an undesirable life!

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